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Panic mode or calm and collective

So opening date is right around the corner and my contractor says he can't make it all this week only Sunday.... 

My gut starts rumbling in panic omg I'm supposed to be open on the 15th.....Do I start watching utube videos and attempt to finish myself (lol yeah okay). As if what a disaster that would be :) 

Instead I take a moment and say to myself; it's okay life happens and it just means I have to test my patience. So instead I tell myself good things come to those who wait and this is common in renovations; who is ever completed on Time??? 

This week has been fun I organised and found I'm missing a few important items. I found great tiles for the bathroom and when all is said and done the reward will be us decorating the space and having the feeling of accomplishment overwhelm us. 

The last part will be planning our opening party and hand out these 100 invites. 

Who's in for a afternoon walk to drop off flyers the old fashion way??? Did I mention the give a ways SJ (Blue August bath products) is putting together for 2 winners 😍 

So over all panic level minimal calm and collective wins. 

See you all here tomorrow with a great summertime tip I have started putting together. 

Sincerely Ethel 

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